Assets – positive conversations about meat and dairy

We have compiled evidence-based resources and social media infographics to support the meat and dairy industry in having positive conversations with a consistent narrative.

Asset packs

Processed red meat in context

This briefing looks at processed red meat, its definition and the role it plays alongside fresh red meat in the national diet in the UK.

It is a live document which will be updated as more scientific research and analysis becomes available. It is intended as a useful reference point for consumers and the media.

Ordinary Food is Good Enough

AHDB has produced a cross-sector video to cut through the media noise about fad diets and encourage people to choose a healthy balanced diet, which includes all food groups.


It has launched with social media posts from expert dietitians and nutritionists followed by a piece in the Mail Online on Friday 31st January.

Please help in sharing the video across your social channels using the #OrdinaryFood to create a groundswell of activity and support Food not Fads.

You can find out more at

Tips for dealing with negative comments on social media

  • Investigate – check out their profile and see what you can learn from their activity. Do they look like they’d be open to hearing your side of the story? If not, don’t bother to engage.
  • Be polite – don’t tarnish yourself or the farming industry by getting into a heated debate. Don’t be dragged into a negative vortex, it’s unlikely to achieve anything good.
  • Don’t overreact – it’s easy to be emotional and use inflammatory or defensive language when attacked, especially if things get personal.
  • Know when to walk away – you don’t have to respond to every argument you are invited to. Step away, take a breather and ask yourself, do they sincerely want to learn and hear your story?
  • Generate positive content where possible – if there are negative topics about a specific area or topics, do we have any evidence supporting our position or explaining our view positively? – join in with sharing positive conversations ie assets
  • Support the industry – lift each other through support on social media and enable the public to make informed choices.

Having positive conversations about meat and dairy - January 2020

AHDB has also produced a presentation which sits alongside the other activities we're running in the first quarter of 2020 as part of our work on industry reputation. 

These activities include:

  • The latest AHDB pork TV campaign which airs on 13 January 2020
  • An AHDB January podcast on how to have a positive conversation with consumers
  • January advertorials in the Daily Mail on meat and health
  • New social media assets on promoting a balanced diet
  • Retailer activity
  • A February wave of the Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs consumer campaign
  • A January Farmers Guardian piece from Beef and Lamb Sector Director Will Jackson on how to make the most of consumers’ trust in farmers

The team will be monitoring social feeds and press, and encourage everyone to follow and share content from the AHDB social feeds. 


Listen to our January podcast to discover the ways in which AHDB is shouting about the positives of livestock farming in the UK.