New Health Focused Pork Campaign for January 2021 

Since 2017, AHDB Pork has been changing the perceptions of pork by consumers, aligning pork with what modern, busy households are looking for from their meals during the week.  

To date, the Midweek Meals campaigns have been successful, not only selling an additional £37.3m of total fresh pork as a result of the marketing drive but has also changed attitudes. Results from the latest burst show that 35% of UK adults agree pork is versatile – which is the highest result in three years – and 9/10 consumers agree our advert successfully communicated that pork is a healthy food choice. See a summary of the 2020/2019 campaign results:  

Embarking on its fourth year, AHDB Pork will once again be promoting its health and taste credentials at the start of the year – a time that is associated with consumers trying a healthier diet and new lifestyle changes.  


The £1.3m campaign, will see a revised TV advert hit screens from the 18th of January and run for six weeks, alongside a range of billboard, print and digital advertising to create awareness and assurance to consumers that pork can be quick, tasty and lean – making it an ideal meat to cook with during the week.  

We have made available a range of assets for your use, including.  However, if you see anything used on the website you would like to use, please contact

Download the assets here:  

Order your POS kit

A ‘butcher’s kit’ featuring four recipes (NB two are beef recipes, two are pork recipes) and a matching poster has been created (pictured right), and can be ordered by emailing referencing ‘pork January kits’ in the subject line.  (Please note that each kit contains 100 recipe cards and two posters). 

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