How your levy funds potato storage research

Helping British potato growers to grow.

Investing £0.5m a year* in storage research

We invest in independent storage research not only providing levy payers with direct access to results they can trust, but also providing a foundation for others to conduct product or market specific projects.

We are committed to providing levy payers support via written resources, tools, over the phone or via one-to-one visits. In the last three years your levy has funded:

  • Three major projects on assessing CIPC alternatives like mint oil, ethylene and DMN
  • Research, trials and guidance on how to get the best from Maleic Hydrazide
  • Over 100 1:1 store visits for levy payers via our Storage Network

Our team are also integral to the lobbying and stewardship efforts of the potato industry. While we cannot lobby ourselves, we provide evidence to our colleague in key trade associations. AHDB apply for 70% of all emergency use applications in the potato and horticultural sector.

*Average spend over the last three financial years

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Providing one-to-one support to levy payers

We are committed to providing one to one support to levy payers who store, and we also have a range of online, event and printed options for store managers who wish to access our work. Your levy funds:

  • Our Storage Network providing free 1:1 advice – an independent expert will visit levy payers’ stores to provide practical advice bespoke to their situation
  • A freephone storage advice line, to help you quickly assess developing situations in your store
  • Over 40 regional and digital storage events in three years, distributing advice via articles, video and podcast
  • A range of written publications, online tools and resources available via our storage hub

You can take advantage of the work your levy funds by booking a free consultation. Levy payers can call the AHDB Storage Network booking desk on 01406 359419, call the advice line on 0800 02 82 111 or email

Or visit the potato storage hub

What levy payers say:

“The Storage Network visit was very useful, having an independent professional in my own store – I got some good tips on improving airflow to help sprout suppressants work at their best”

Tom Macfarlane - Farm Manager at Ward Farming Ltd, Suffolk

a person smiling for the picture

Independent assessment of sprout control alternatives

Research: investing for the future

We have invested in research to identify how best to store potatoes without CIPC, therefore protecting the 2m tonnes of potatoes that go into long term storage each year. Including:

Find the latest results and recordings of online events on our sprout suppression page.

What levy payers say:

Hear Norfolk potato grower Mark Means talk about how he uses AHDB storage advice:

Stewardship, EAMUs and supporting lobbying

AHDB's stroage research team provide a wide range of 'behind the scenes' work on behalf of the industry. Including:

  • Providing the secretariat for industry stewardship programmes such as the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group
  • Attending international and European meetings, including contributing to the Europe-wide guidance on cleaning potato stores to remove CIPC residue
  • Providing evidence and completing emergency use applications, for example on the recent DMN application

The provision of dedicated independent experts is a key function of your levy. Applying for EAMUs is just one example of this, where it is not just making the application that is important but also providing vital evidence from our research programmes to prove the need for emergency use approval.

AHDB secures. 70%.

Accessing our results and services

You can find the research results, resources and tools that your levy funds below. You'll also find event recordings, contact details and best practice advice for storage.

Or call the advice line on 0800 02 82 111 or email

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