Protected edibles and mushrooms

Protected edibles and mushroom growers have highlighted the need for emerging pest and disease applied research to be AHDB’s priority for this sector over recent years, and we have listened. 

Crop protection is a key focus for us, so we work with CRD and the agrochemical industry to deliver new EAMUs and emergency authorisations with 40 EAMU applications secured for the sector in the last five years. Our SCEPTREplus programme funds screening trials to identify new and alternative products for improved control of insect pests, diseases and weeds, while a better understanding of biopesticides and how to use them has been gained via the AMBER project.

Emerging threats from pests and diseases is another area where we work to respond quickly to support levy payers and the protected edibles industry. Recent research has focused on providing the industry with solutions to tackle both Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) and Lettuce Fusarium wilt and root rot. Novel strategies for bacterial blotch control in mushrooms are being researched in our most recent funded project, which have the potential to provide a step change in the control of a devastating disease which causes severe reductions in productivity across the UK.

AHDB also funds the GrowSave project which has helped growers to reduce glasshouse energy costs.

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