Hardy Nursery Stock

Work to maintain crop protection solutions accounts for a large part of the AHDB work programme on hardy nursery stock.

The two key areas of research undertaken by AHDB have focused on vine weevil control in container-grown crops and weed control in both field- and container-grown crops. Extensive five-year programmes of work have evaluated a range of cultural, biological and chemical control measures. Identifying control measures for a range of other pests and diseases have occurred within the SCEPTREplus programme of work, while a better understanding of biopesticides and how to use them has been gained via the AMBER project. As a result of these projects and other work, over 20 EAMUs have been generated for pesticide products which can be used in the HNS sector since 2018. 

Other key programmes of work have examined alternative growing media use with a range of hardy nursery stock crops, looked to optimise the nutrition of field- and container-grown crops, understand Xylella at a genetic level and outline various options for automation and labour efficiency improvements on nurseries.

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