Field vegetables

The Field Vegetable sector covers a wide-range of crops and many growers, but despite this there are common areas of focus like crop protection, emerging pest and diseases, and developing IPM research programmes that focus on developing novel control methods with minimal environmental impact. 

Levy payers have said that crop protection needs to be a key focus, so we work with CRD and the agrochemical industry to deliver new EAMUs and emergency authorisations. Our SCEPTREplus programme funds screening trials to identify new and alternative products for improved control of insect pests, diseases and weedswhile a better understanding of biopesticides and how to use them has been gained via the AMBER project.  

Research doesn’t just happen in labs, so we have strategic centres that deliver real-time research on real farms with real growers at the helm. Our latest Centre in Fife in Scotland researches brassicas. James Rome, Agronomist at East of Scotland Growers, and Angela Huckle of ADAS talk more about the Strategic Centre for brassicas and the new techniques that they’ve been using.

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