Bulbs and outdoor flowers

The AHDB work programme for bulbs and outdoor flowers consists of Strategic Centre trials and a series of narcissus specific projects.

Work at the Cut Flower Centre has assisted in the development of a range of outdoor cut foliage products and investigated cultural issues such a flower spotting in sunflower and weed control in crops of cut flower larkspur, peony and sweet william. Narcissus focused projects have examined physical and chemical biocide options during the hot water treatment of bulbs and the genetics of Fusarium and disease development. Work to maintain crop protection solutions is key, and the SCEPTREplus programme, including work on white mould and smoulder control in narcissus and weed control in gladioli, has provided the information to generate over 15 EAMUs for bulb and outdoor cut flower crops since 2018, while the AMBER project has led to a better understanding of biopesticides and how to use them.

Other projects have examined the control of agapanthus gall midge and nutrition in bulb and outdoor flower crops.

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