Horticulture Town Hall meetings

Town Hall meetings - December

Join us for an opportunity to ask your questions, meet members of both the senior and sector teams and hear a little more about AHDB. You’ll have the opportunity to submit questions before hand or join our ‘virtual stage’ and speak directly with the team.

Monday 14 December

Tuesday 15 December

Town Hall meetings - January

These Town Halls are a second opportunity to join members of the senior and sector teams to ask your questions directly and find out more about AHDB.

Monday 11 January

Tuesday 12 January

Wednesday 13 January

Thursday 14 January

Join us for the first of our all horticulture town hall meetings, where you can ask your questions directly to members of the AHDB senior team.

Thursday 28 January

Evening Town Hall meetings - February

Our evening Town Halls are a further opportunity for all horticulture growers to join members of our senior team to ask questions and hear the thoughts of the panel.

Monday 1 February

Tuesday 2 February