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AHDB technical experts bring you the latest views and opinions on integrated pest management strategies. The catalogue of regular features, blogs and news, first published on the IPM homepage, will be exploring and analysing the impacts on horticulture crops.

The importance of a clean start: seed handling

7 February 2021

The importance of a clean start, in all of our crop sectors, is vitally important. Along with variety selection, it’s one of the fundamentals of an IPM programme. 

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Cathryn Lambourne

Crop Protection Senior Scientist: Disease

IPM strategies for controlling IPM in strawberries

Monday, 1 February 2021

From effective monitoring, natural predators, biological control products and even garlic, Scott Raffle outlines potential ways to control aphid in strawberry crops from our latest research.

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Scott Raffle

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Horticulture (Fruit)

Stopping spotted wing-drosophila: a case study

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Tom Hulme, A C Hulme, explains how he has worked with AHDB to tackle spotted wing drosophila, one of the biggest threats to the UK fruit industry.

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