HerdAdvance semen voucher criteria

The semen voucher is part of the HerdAdvance project, which falls under the Dairy Improvement Programme.

Farmers who have completed and passed the Genetics tutorial will recieve a semen voucher as part of this project to spend according to the below criteria.

How to spend your voucher

You must spend all £1500 of your voucher in one purchase.  In addition to this the following criteria apply for using this voucher;

1. Bulls bought using this voucher must be in the top 25% of their breed, if selecting on the £PLI, or top 25% of the £SCI or £ACI bulls available to the UK market.  Please read further to determine which index you should be using and what the minimum £PLI, £SCI and £ACI to qualify for the top 25% is following the latest full UK genetic and genomic evaluation run.

2. Bulls must be marketed by the following companies;

Alta Genetics


Cattle Services (Ayr) Ltd

Semex UK

Cogent Breeding

Shorthorn Sires UK

CRV Avoncroft

UK Sires Direct

English Guernsey Cattle Society

Viking Genetics

Genus Breeding Ltd

World Wide Sires




Minimum criteria for bulls to be included in voucher purchase

All bulls you are looking to purchase using the HerdAdvance semen voucher must be in the top 25% of the breed for £PLI or top 25% for £ACI or £SCI.  The index you select will reflect the calving pattern of your herd;

The table below outline's the minimum £PLI, £ACI or £SCI a bull must have to be included the top 25%; 

Index Breed Top 25% minimum

Holstein 682
Friesian 209
Ayrshire 272
Jersey 315
Guernsey 4
Shorthorn 42
Montbeliarde 160
Fleckvieh 211
Brown Swiss 260
£ACI All breeds 379
£SCI All breeds 322

This table will be updated following each full UK genetic and genomic evaluation run in April, August and December. Current figures are calculated from August 2023 young genomic and daughter proven lists available from AHDB Dairy.

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