Health & Safety Training for potato operators

Safe potato operations

We have developed a modular training programme to help you to train staff in procedures to ensure a safe working environment, whilst emphasising product quality and the correct use of machinery within operations that are regarded as high risk.

The training is completed via videos and questionnaires designed to advise on best safety practice for all those involved with the harvesting, storage and distribution of potatoes.

Safe potato modules

  1. Introduction to Health & Safety – ideal for use as a part of an induction process.
  2. Harvesting – a session for use at the commencement of the season.
  3. Storage – highlights the hazards of working at height and low levels of lighting.
  4. Handling – covers the transportation of potatoes in bulkers, boxes and bulk bags.

Certificates and licences

Once you have completed and passed your training module please ask your supervisor to contact the SPHL team at or call 02475 189759 where one of the team will process your licence.

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The default settings for videos and test questions is English. Alternative language options may be accessed within the training system.

Supervisors are reminded that module 1 - Safe Potato Operations is the minimum content that trainees should view.

There is no test at the end of this video but it is recommended that a list of the names of people who have viewed the video is recorded and filed for future reference.

Further instructions for supervisors are contained within the training module.

If you need help please call 02475 189 759

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Registering and choosing different languages

After you've launched the training module via the button above, you'll see a login page. The first time you visit you'll need to create an account - click the link in the following text: Don't have an account? Sign up for free!

After you've registered you'll be able to choose the language you use to complete the courses, from the options below: