Grain Outlook: Summer 2019

The 2019 summer edition of Grain Outlook

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View from the chair

Paul Temple 
AHDB Board Member 
Sector Chair for Cereals & Oilseeds

The Brexit delay has certainly caused uncertainty and a variety of responses, from those that want to wait and see to those that made immediate plans for the worst-case event. AHDB has produced a constant stream of first-class information and analysis to help the thought process and how it may affect the individual business in all situations.

The work involved in benchmarking has produced, for many, the first comparative analysis of their business against others within a region and has been well received. It has been great to see the level of interest and positive discussions it has generated. All of which will be important regardless of the political future.

Having spent some time meeting a number of grain exporters this year, you realise how well served we are by both big and small companies that are up for the challenge of selling UK grain overseas. It has been a difficult couple of years having little net surplus and this has restricted investment, but we have a good name, particularly for quality malting barley and soft wheats. Taking the chance to speak with merchants this summer to see what future requirements they have to maximise opportunities will be particularly important in regions with export potential.

This summer, we are making further efforts to reach out to levy payers with more Arable Connections events and I know the Cereals & Oilseeds board members share my enthusiasm for meeting levy payers first-hand. Your thoughts on IPM will be particularly useful as we look to direct future activity in that area.

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