Getting the most from the marketplace

Getting the most from the marketplace

Milk Price Calculator


Want to achieve the best milk price possible, then this is the calculator for you.  By inputting farm-specific data, it provides a way to see where changes can be made to improve the milk price on your current contract. It also allows for a comparison of prices across a range of contracts, either based on your own specific milk profile or the AHDB Dairy standard litre.

Virtual Beef And Lamb Programmes

Beef, Lamb  

The BRP virtual programmes explain the selection message by using dissolving‘ techniques.  It enables you to see a computer-generated animal change conformation and fat class from every angle. The programmes also take producers through different carcase cuts, yield data and a number of other topics related to selection.


Beef, Lamb, Dairy, Pork

The eFoodChainMap is an interactive map which plots data about the red meat food chain in the UK. The map shows a range of information, including the location of auction markets, abattoirs, meat processors and meat traders around the UK, using colour coded pins. The map uses data provided by AHDB Pork and AHDB Beef and Lamb and is based on Google maps technology. The map can be customised to show specific data and has a range of printing options.



This is an easy-to-use and effective business tool for growers and marketing desks that  provides an immediate comparison of margins between different outlets and different packs of fruit. It also relates the fruit sales value to the associated post-harvest costs and shows you the resulting margin per kilo, bin, chamber, orchard or variety.

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Winter Cauli Tool


A predictive system to indicate when, and in what quantity, the UK winter cauliflower industry can supply the market with produce.  Delivered via Hortlink project 195 (FV212) Designed for the Morph platform. 

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Potato Variety Database


This database provides independent data on GB-certified potato varieties that have undergone independent resistance testing for key pests, diseases and pathogens. The testing is undertaken through the AHDB Potatoes-funded Independent Variety Trials (IVT) programme and provides independent resistance data for pests, diseases and pathogens deemed to be of high importance/threat to our national potato crop.