Farmbench - How to enter your irrigation and storage costs for potato enterprises

Farmbench offers you the opportunity to allocate costs directly to irrigation and storage.  Allocating these provides a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for each on your reports. These are expressed in £/tonne for each potato enterprise, shown below:

How to do this:

Splitting out Irrigation and Storage expenses is done in the ‘Cost’ section of Farmbench. You will use the same six steps in each section to allocate irrigation and storage. Here is an example in the Labour section:

Where else do I need to do this?

The sections marked with an “x” will also follow the process explained above. Please note for labour, machinery, and property items this will need to be done for each individual item. 

*Store maintenance, Third party storage and Sprout suppression are automatically allocated to storage

If you need any help with these steps or any other queries about Farmbench, please contact your regional Knowledge Exchange Manager - Benchmarking, you can find their contact details here.