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About Penllech Bach

  • Appointed as a strategic dairy farm in September
  • Spring block calving herd of 370 New Zealand X Friesians, producing 5,500L/cow and 450kg MS/cow
  • Planned start calving: 9th February and mid point achieved 14 days later
  • Producing 5,500 litres @ 4.8% Butterfat and 3.8% protein9% replacement rate
  • 82% 6-week in-calf rate and 9% replacement rate

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  • Learning more about the challenges and opportunities of share-milking partnerships
  • Maximising cash out of the business
  • Maintain or improve efficiency per kg milk solid produced
  • Maximising grass utilisation
  • Creating and replicating efficient farms
  • Giving new entrants an opportunity to farm


Penllech Bach is a 100ha (247ac), all grass farm owned by David Wynne Finch and managed by Matthew Jackson in a 50:50 share-milking agreement since 2013. Alongside Matthew, Aaron and Bethan works on the farm fulltime.

The spring block comprises of 370 New Zealand type Friesian Crossbreds, producing 5,500L/cow and 450kg MS/cow. Calving starts on 25th January, with mid-point achieved 14 days later. Fertility is high, with only a 5.2% empty rate in 2019.

Milk sold to Yew Tree Dairy, all replacements are contract reared, leaving the farm at 80kg and returning in calf. The farm operates with minimal machinery and extensive use of contractors. Penllech Bach was a full greenfield conversion in 2013.

Growing 15tDM/ha grass through grazing Mid-February until Mid-November. The platform is usually stocked at 3.7LU/ha, but in this ranges up to 5.0LU/ha to build cow numbers for new farms.

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Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

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