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  • Chemical loss
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James Foskett Farms Ltd was appointed Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm East in September 2019. The new hosts begin a six year programme and will continue the work undertaken during the three year programme at Elveden Farms.

The farm covers 900 hectares within a 35 mile radius of Low Farm, located within the Deben Valley. It features 230 hectares of organic cropping and a 5,150 tonne capacity storage unit. The soils are light, free-draining irrigated grade 4 sandy loam soils, while a coastal climate allows for early season production.

James Foskett grows potatoes, seed potatoes, onions, cereals and sugar beet. The farm also has an organic enterprise comprising butternut squash, green peas, onions and carrots.

You can find out further information about the business by visiting the James Foskett Farms website

SPot East results

SPot East Results Day 8 January 2020

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