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Find out about the consultancies we’re working with as part of Farm Business Review.

By taking part in the Farm Business Review service, you will benefit from a free one-to-one consultation with an experienced farm adviser. They can discuss options to future-proof your business and help you get the most out of AHDB’s tools and resources.

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Ceres Rural

Ceres Rural offers a full scope of experience-led farming consultancy, technical support and business management. Covering the East of England regions their team of qualified professionals tailor unique solutions in line with their clients requirements. 

The Ceres Rural team are committed to providing their clients with smart business solutions, guided by innovation and independent science. They are big enough to access expertise on a broad range of agricultural topics, yet small enough to be independent and agile, allowing quick response to new developments, regulations and technology.

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The LIC team of dedicated farm solutions managers and pasture consultants work with dairy farmers throughout the UK to help them achieve their business goals.

Their consultants work alongside dairy farmers to create a more sustainable future, unlock the potential to grow more grass, creating a system that increases productivity, efficiency and profitability for their farm and, in-turn, improving quality of life, is at the heart of our system. 

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GSC Grays

GSC Grays consultants help farm businesses move forward and thrive in a ‘post-Brexit’ Britain. Based in the North East of England, they assist farmers and landowners looking for opportunities to strengthen their performance and secure a viable future for their business.

They provide advice on farm business reviews, agronomy, farm management, contract and share farming agreements, BPS, environmental schemes, grants, diversification, business restructuring, as well as farm sales, acquisitions and lettings.

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Strutt & Parker

Strutt & Parker’s national Farming Department has more than 40 consultants ready to help whatever the needs of your farming business are throughout the UK.

Their aim is to help landowners and farmers across the sectors, from the smallest through to the largest, meet their business objectives. They assist farmers in making the most of the assets available and become more profitable and efficient by offering practical and realistic farm management advice.

They can also look at bigger strategic issues, such as succession planning or a change in business structure.

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Agricultural Consultants delivering agricultural services to farmers and land users across the sectors throughout the UK.

They offer a full range of farming consultancy services including forage analysis, grazing management, GPS soil sampling, budgeting and cash flow forecasting and business management support. They also have a dedicated team focusing on IACS and grant applications.

The 5|Agri team is dedicated to maximising business productivity and providing the support needed for growth.

Visit the 5|Agri website


AKC farm and rural business consultants provide strategic and financial advice including consultancy, management accountancy, payroll and book-keeping services for farming and agricultural businesses.

Based in Wiltshire, they work with agricultural clients from arable, dairy and livestock businesses across the south of England. The consultancy team provide strategic advice and financial budgeting, cross compliance and grant application assistance in addition to a specialist dairy consultancy service encompassing nutrition and technical advice.

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Creedy Associates

The Creedy Associates team of farm business advisors provide expert business, technical and environmental management advice and training to large and small, public and private rural businesses in the UK.

Covering the south east and west regions, they deliver advice, training and expertise on all areas of livestock and arable production including the practical management and use of slurry, FYM and other organic manures.

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FWAG help farmers understand the environmental value of their land and make the most of the agri-environment options available. FWAG support farmers in going beyond the minimum legal requirements by improving the environmental value of the work carried out and ensuring a profitable farm business.

FWAG is a membership charity that provides 1:1 and group advice to farmers on environmental conservation, with a focus on how to achieve this within the context of farm businesses. As part of the AHDB Farm Business service, they will be covering the south eastern regions and engaging with dairy, beef, sheep and cereal farm businesses.

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Liz Genever

Liz Genever has a strong technical background and works with beef and sheep farmers across the UK. Her knowledge covers livestock production, grazing systems and sustainable farming techniques. She works with farmers who want to challenge their current practices, particularly on grass and forage utilisation.

Liz is one of the founders of Carbon Calling, which has the aim of building a community of farmers who support and learn from one another to make their farm and themselves healthier and happier.

She is a farmer on a mixed farm in south Lincolnshire and has an Australian Cattle Dog called Scout.

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Mid West Consulting

Also known as The Farm Consultancy Group, Sherborne, Mid West Consulting offers services to livestock farm and rural businesses in the South West of England.

The team of consultants and farm secretaries operate a team approach to consultancy which enables clients to access the right advice for their particular project.

They provides a range of services to help farming and rural businesses.  These include:

  • Technical advice
  • Soil and nutrient management advice
  • Business appraisals and benchmarking
  • Business planning
  • Liaising with banks, accountants and other third parties
  • Specialist discussion groups for dairy and beef
  • Farm secretarial service including farm accounts and VAT returns

They also offer a rural compliance service encompassing Red Tractor, NVZ, milk buyer audits, BPS applications, environmental and other grants. 

Find out more about Mid West Consultancy

Farm Business Consultancy, Savills UK

Savills UK provide an inclusive advisory and management service for farmers, land owners (private individuals, corporates, institutions and charities), rural businesses and those working in food processing/retailing.

Working on farming consultancy projects nationwide they use strategic advice, business planning and performance monitoring services to help business explore their options, benchmark performance, reduce costs, and increase income as well as profits.

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SRH Agribusiness

SRH Agribusiness is an independent advisory firm, leading a wider group of consultancies, working across the North and Midlands regions of England. They offer strategic advice, business planning, and financial management services to farms, estates, agri-food processors, and rural diversification businesses.

The team specialise in grant applications, business appraisals, and environmental management, working with clients across all farming sectors to strengthen business resilience and maximise potential for growth, aiming for increased sustainability alongside improved business performance.

Visit the SRH Agribusiness website

Albert Goodman

Albert Goodman work with farms across the South West of England delivering ongoing accountancy, tax, financial planning and business advisory services.

The team at Albert Goodman recognise that business and personal matters are often closely intertwined, which is why they strive to establish open and honest conversations to ensure their clients feel comfortable talking about their plans.

Find out more about Albert Goodman

Kelly Consulting

Kelly Farm Consulting provide independent Consultancy and Secretarial services to farms across the South West of England, specialising in Dairy Cows, Dairy Goats, Beef & Arable. 

They offer a wide range of services from Nutrition to Business Management to Grant applications and VAT returns. They pride themselves on providing impartial and independent advice to the farmers who they work with. 

Visit the Kelly Consulting website

Douglas Green Consulting

Douglas Green consulting are a specialist team of independent dairy farm and agricultural farm management consultants who support UK farms and agricultural businesses across the UK in England, Wales and Scotland.

Their team of farm consultants achieve success by focusing on clients' objectives and needs. Business sustainability, success and growth is at the heart of what they do. Their services cover all aspects of farming in the UK.

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Arthey Associates  

Arthey Associates are specialists in providing property, land, bookkeeping, agricultural valuations, marketing and business advisory services to rural businesses in the East Midlands and East Anglia for livestock and arable businesses.

See more information about Arthey Associates

Farm Consultancy Group (Waterfield and White)

Waterfield & White LTD is an established dairy farm consultants in the South East of England. Their aim is to provide quality dairy farm consultant services including rural land management, farm planning applications and agricultural business grants.

Find out more about Farm Consultancy Group


Terravictus is an independent Management consultancy business providing a range of management and professional development services for family and corporate farming businesses.

Their specialisms focus on profitability and performance improvement, business capability and capacity, strategic and operational focus to achieve business and personal objectives.

Visit the Teravictus website

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