Extended consumer marketing campaign & trading portal launched to help put balance back into the potato sector

New marketing campaign to inspire consumers to keep spuds in their shopping baskets

Our favourite potato Bud the Spud is back! He is making a welcome return in the new More Than a Bit on the Side campaign and a debut on TV screens with video-on-demand.

The £100,000 campaign, which started across social channels on 25th May features digital and out-of-home advertising, aims to encourage consumers to add an extra potato-based dish to their weekly repertoire.

Adverts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as a cheeky video broadcast on the ITV Hub, hope to inspire consumers and demonstrate the ease, versatility and health benefits of potatoes.   In addition, a number of major retailers will be featuring posters outside their stores – giving consumers another reminder to purchase as they enter the shop.

Visit the website to find out why potatoes are more than a bit on the side

There are a whole host of delicious recipes on the lovepotatoes.co.uk website, demonstrating a variety of ways potatoes can be enjoyed along with ‘how-to’s’, hints and tips.

Visit lovepotatoes.co.uk for more potato recipe inspiration

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Why do a potato campaign now?

Due to the effects of the coronavirus on the closure of foodservice outlets and the panic-buying behaviour witnessed in supermarkets – the industry is facing unprecedented market conditions.

As the estimated stocks of potatoes held by growers reached over 1.19 million tonnes at the end of March, whilst the retail sales of fresh & frozen rose by 28 per cent – there is an imbalance in the industry.

The marketing campaign is designed to continue to drive demand via retail channels and to demonstrate the versatility and ease of creating tasty, healthy meals with potatoes. The aim is to encourage consumers to add and keep an additional potato meal to their repertoire, such as this flavoursome Thai Potato and Chicken Stir-fry dish.

How is AHDB helping industry?

To aid this market imbalance, AHDB has launched a trade portal, in order to connect wholesale potato buyers and merchants together – view here.

Charities like FareShare, which coordinates food banks, can now take appropriately sized bagged potatoes. Growers can contact FareShare on foodoffers@fareshare.org.uk.

AHDB has also compiled storage FAQs in order to provide additional information regarding the optimum ways to store potatoes.

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