Tree Fruit Day: Kent

This year’s annual AHDB / NIAB EMR tree fruit day will provide the industry with the latest results from our research projects.

It includes several disease projects covering essential work on apple canker, powdery mildew, plum rust and bacterial canker of cherry.

Insect pest topics cover spotted wing drosophila, new bug pests of apple, enhancing the ecology of new orchards and providing sustainable pollination.

There will also be the chance to learn more about the new plum demonstration centre and find out what AHDB is doing to improve the efficacy of biological control products and reduce labour wastage in the horticulture industry.

You can access the handout from the event here:  Download

For the full agenda, please click here:  Download

Please note that this event is not suitable for children aged under 16 years and therefore they are not permitted to attend.

If you're experiencing problems booking on to this event using the link above, please contact or call 01904 771218.