Tomato Growers’ Association Conference: Warwickshire

This year’s annual TGA Conference promises a wide-ranging programme of notable topics, to include the latest on the tomato retail market from Kantar, information on apprenticeship schemes from APS, and LEAF on circular agriculture.

A packed morning will be followed by an informative afternoon dedicated to the issue of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus – policy, practical guidance and R&D.

Please see the full programme  Download


Book now to join the TGA for an enlightening day of presentations, with lunch and trade stands, and a networking dinner to follow in the evening. Barbara Bray MBE (director of the Oxford Farming Conference) will be this year’s after dinner speaker.

AHDB are sponsoring the event. 

Pepper growers will now also qualify for the discounted members rate. 

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Presentations from the event: 

Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus

EU legislation UK outbreak management plan, Defra: Download

ToBRFV Survival and disinfection, Fera: Download

Actions to prevent ToBRFV, APS: Download

ToBRFV Current status and perspectives - Volcani: Download

Hygiene Management for ToBRFV, Royal Brinkman: Download

Morning sessions

Securing a future, the quest for talent, Gary Swayne, APS: Download

TUTA: A problem in UK tomatoes, Caroline Reid, Bioline Agro Sciences:  Download

Circular economy and sustainability, Caroline Drummond, LEAF:  Download

An overview of the UK retail tomato category, Joseph Shaw Roberts, Kantar:  Download

Perennial and partnerships growing together, Kate Cooney, Perennial:  Download

Energy Matters, Tim Pratt, NFU Energy:  Download

No deal guidance for imports and exports:  Download