Strategic Potato Farms - Putting Research into Practice

Our growers in Aberdeenshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk explain how they are rising to the challenges of the season, while running local and national trials for the benefit of all.

Listen to what our potato growers are planning across the strategic farm network. Through the week we will have learnt about markets, research and commercial innovation, this session will discuss how this is being applied in the field and what we can do to progress. Eric Anderson will offer an agronomist’s perspective on how we can build better strategies towards PCN management and the latest views on alternative approaches to virus control.

Host: Claire Hodge

Guests: Jim Reid, Mike Shapland, Will Gagg, Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson will offer a technical update on PCN and Aphid & Virus.

Live Q&A included at the end of this session 



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T 01904 771218

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