Potatoes Soil Health: Planning for Planting

This is the third in what is becoming a very popular series of potato themed webinars based around soil health, rotation, machinery practices and new approaches to improving and maintaing the health of soil which is used for growing potatoes.  Our primary aim is to encourage uptake of soil health and encourage new supportive practices for potato growers. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Soil preparation and nutrition: Jon Telfer, Development Manager, Yara, will open this session by covering what growers can do to ensure good establishment when it comes to preparing for planting of a potato crop
  • The importance of organic matter and how this can assist in bounce back in relation to soil resilience when planting potatoes. This topic is to be covered by Chris Martin, Head of Soil Health, Agrovista
  • Planting depth and spacing – Harry Henderson, Knowledge Exchange Technical Manager, AHDB will discuss planting set-up, planting depth, and spacing and what can be done to improve soil structure and improve crop establishment



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