Nottinghamshire Strategic Farm: Project successes, future plans and farewells

Joe joined the Strategic Farm programme in 2017. The family has farmed in the area since 1887 with the primary enterprise being vegetable production and arable cropsCattle sit within the rotation primarily to improve soil health, but must also be profitable as a standalone part of the business. Recently, Joe has migrated the beef business from Angus suckler cows to growing and finishing dairy cross cattle.  

As an AHDB Strategic Farmer Joe has covered a wide variety of topics including using AI and looking closer at his genetics along with moving to a 100% spring calving herd. Plus he’s had a clear emphasis on improving grassland management and growth rates.  

Joe updated us on his progress at the start of the pandemic, speaking about growth rates from fodder beet over the winter and how things were going 2 weeks into calving Joe Howard - Spring 2020 update   

At his final event as an AHDB Strategic Farmer, we’ll look at some of the key areas Joe has focused on over the past four years including: 

  • Considering what’s best for you, your family and your business whilst making the most of opportunities that arise – in this case, moving from the suckler herd to dairy beef 
  • Grass and forage – what has Joe learnt about grassland management on his light soils and how has establishing fodder beet and other forage crops helped with forage management 

We’ll also be joined by David Lyth, independent farm consultant who has supported Joe every step of the way, and Marc Jones, grassland, forage and fodder beet consultant.  

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