Labour Productivity Workshops - Herefordshire

Strategic SmartHort Centre Workshops: Haygrove

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Join us for the first ever Strategic SmartHort Centre workshops, designed to give you practical tools to help boost labour productivity in your business.

Three workshops will run over a 12 month period, and will give you the tools, techniques and knowledge to improve your labour productivity by 25-40%.

Why attend: 
• Get the knowledge to implement real change in your business
• Hands-on learning with real practical examples
• Network with other growers to learn from their experiences

Haygrove will kindly host three workshops over the next 12 months. Fedden USP will lead the training.

The workshops will cover: 
• Process mapping and waste identification
• Practical problem solving using a technique called Plan, Do, Check, Act
• How to encourage continuous improvement across the whole organisation
• Visual management boards and metrics to check improvements have worked

Who is the event suitable for? 

Whether you employ two people or 200, we believe these events will make a big difference in your business.

Cabbages, cucumbers or cut flowers, the workshops have been designed to ensure every horticulture business can benefit from the underlying principles of labour improvements.

We recommend the owner and frontline supervisor from the business will be best placed benefit from the programme.

Places are limited to two people per business.

Dates and locations

Workshop 1: 4 & 5 September
Workshop 2: 31 October
Workshop 3: 25 February 2020

Accommodation won't be provided, but recommendations can be made if required.

Workshops will also be held at our other Strategic SmartHort Centres; Volmary Ltd, Cambridgeshire and Thomas Thomson, Perthshire. 

If you have any questions about the Centres, please contact

Listen to our podcast with Francis Mizuro, Operations Manager from Volmary, Neil Fedden, Fedden USP and Grace Emeny, AHDB explaining more about the programme and what to expect from the events: