EU Exit: impact on the ornamentals industry, trade agreements, plant movement and plant passporting

After an extended period of negotiation, Brexit has now been achieved. However, this doesn’t mean every aspect of the agreement has been fully resolved and issues continue to be raised almost on a daily basis in the press, most recently the issue of getting plant material into Northern Ireland.

In this, the first of two special webinars focusing on Brexit impacts on the ornamentals industry, Sarah Baker, AHDB summarises some of the new trade agreements which are now in place and what they mean for businesses, Diane Collison of J. A. Collison & Sons gives her own perspective on what it’s been like to import bulbs and plant material since Brexit, and to complete the speaker line up we have two presenters from Defra, Victoria Clarke and Jason Pollock, who will cover importing and exporting plant material (bulbs, cut flowers, young plants, finished plants etc.) between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU.

The webinar will finish with an extended 30 minute Q&A session to permit delegates to pose questions to all the speakers, and other Defra/APHA specialists who will also be in attendance, so please come along with topics you need clarifying.

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16 March, 2pm

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