Enhancing beneficial insects in orchard crops

Join Michelle Fountain, Mike Garratt and Zeus Mateos Fierro to learn more about the impact of beneficial insects in orchards and how to enhance their numbers.  

The webinar will include useful guidance for tree fruit growers on:

  • The impact of floral alleyways in established modern commercial orchards
  • Accelerating the ecological establishment of newly planted orchards
  • How to establish floral margins and alleyways
  • Which pollinators are most important for apple production and how they affect yield, quality and returns
  • Establishing habitats for wild pollinators in orchards
  • The benefits of enhancing pollinators and natural enemies in cherry orchards
  • The cost-benefit balance between wildflower establishment and managed pollinators and plant protection product applications in cherry orchards



If you have any questions about this event, please contact us using the details below.

E scott.raffle@ahdb.org.uk

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