BP2019: Harrogate

BP2019 is an unmissable event for those involved in all areas of the British potato industry and a major draw for others worldwide.

Once every two years the whole of the potato industry comes together for this unique 'seed to shopping trolley' event. It's an exceptional networking and business opportunity for those who grow, handle, process and retail the crop in this multi-billion pound industry. No matter what part of the supply chain visitors come from, they have something vital in common - they come to do business.

AHDB will provide attendees with a raft of knowledge and resources to equip them to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Our stand will be home to members from our team, on hand to show you our latest tools and how they can benefit your business.

Meanwhile, our seminar programme will lead the debate on our changing customer base and how our industry can remain competitive and productive.

DAY ONE – On-farm excellence





No diquat, no linuron - what next? Alternatives to lost chemicals

Emma Hamer, NFU

Graham Tomalin, Agronomist

Mike Shapland, James Foskett Farms

Will Gagg, RJ & AE Godfrey

Chair: John Sarup, SPUD Agronomy


The most effective available alternatives to Diquat and other chemicals (recently lost or coming up for renewal soon). Including results from our national haulm destruction field trials.


Storage 2020: Potato storage post-CIPC

Adrian Cunnington, AHDB

Adrian Briddon, AHDB

Tjaart Hoffman, Certis

Chair: Jonathan Papworth


What will your store look like 

next year? A round up of key issues including post-CIPC cleaning, progress towards a tMRL, and alternative sprout suppressants.  

Store management will also need to change to incorporate new (volatile) chemicals and non-chemical sprout control.

  • Life after CIPC, the repercussions and opportunities.
  • Other tools available including dormancy
  • What they do in Europe
  • What storage changes will have to be made?


Competing on a level playing field? How do we compare to Europe

Sara Maslowski, AHDB

Vikki Campbell, AHDB

Dan Metheringham, McCain

Rufus Pilgrim, Cockerill's

Four European Growers from NEPG

Chair: Rob Clayton, AHDB


As the changing storage landscape increases the chances of European imports, we take a look at how we compare to growers from the continent


Managing the future of your business: tools and skills for a successful succession

Russell Price, Russell Price Farm Services

Martin Williams, MW Farming

Heather Wildman, Saviour Associates

Tess Howe, AHDB

Chair: Tim Isaac, AHDB


Practical tools, tips and information to help you stay on top of the detail and play to your strengths as the industry changes.


Show me the money: funding and development in the post-subsidy era

David Eudall, AHDB

Chris Danks, Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Network

Chair: Phil Bicknell, AHDB


How will your farm business look when the Brexit transition is over and where can you find development funds?


DAY TWO – What is the potential of our market?





Breaking it down: The AHDB Production estimate - live!

David Eudall, AHDB

Sara Maslowski, AHDB

Aidan Wright, AHDB

Chair: Sophie Churchill, AHDB Board


How will this year’s harvest affect your price? Our MI team will analyse each factor that will affect the market (planted area, yield, varieties, imports/exports etc.). Don’t wait to hear it reported – listen to it live!


Understanding our consumer: how customer knowledge leads to more sales

Stu Baker, AHDB

Zoe Avison, AHDB

Chair: Jimmy Phillips


Hear from AHDB's consumer insight and marketing teams about how potatoes sales have risen in the last five years, and how we're planning to help keep markets moving


Millennials and misinformation: Global trends and the implications for carbohydrates

Cedric Porter, World Potato Markets

Stu Baker, AHDB

Zoe Avison, AHDB

Chair: Patrick Hughes, AHDB


Is pseudo-science killing the potato market? A look at global trends and what is driving the modern consumer

Speaker Biographies

Emma Hamer, NFU

Emma Hamer is the Senior Plant Health Adviser at the National Farmers’ Union, working on all areas of integrated pest management (IPM) and crop protection on behalf of NFU members.

Areas which are of particular importance to Emma are keeping actives available for UK growers, resistance management and encouraging uptake of IPM and stewardship to ensure UK growers can continue to grow safe, affordable, nutritious food.

Emma represents the NFU on the Voluntary Initiative, BASIS, NRoSO and NSTS. She works with NFU members who are embracing IPM to understand what they are doing on farm to manage pests, weeds and diseases using all available techniques and encourages others on the IPM journey.

We need to acknowledge that the use of pesticides is very much part of taking an integrated approach, and understand that IPM solutions are not always available or effective.  She also works with Defra and regulators to explain how there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to IPM and recognises that there is a high level of risk shouldered by growers who are pushing the IPM boundaries.  She is also an NFU member with a beef and arable farm in North Oxfordshire.

Graham Tomalin, Agronomist

Graham is a Senior Agronomist at VCS Agronomy. Over the past XX years Graham has worked closely with the AHDB Farm Excellence programme and has been a key researcher on Strategic Potato (SPot) farm trials to find a plausible solution to the loss of linuron.

Graham graduated in 1992 from Nottingham University with a BSc Hons degree in agriculture. Following a short period in direct agriculture Graham started to specialize within the potato area in 1996 with the Anglian Produce grower’s cooperative which merged in 2001 to become Greenvale AP. In 2004 he was employed as a manager for James Foskett Farms, a seed and ware potato grower in Suffolk. Returning to an advisory role at VCS in 2007 he then started his own company VCS Potatoes Ltd in 2010. VCS potatoes provides specialized agronomic advice to large Potato growers across the UK within all aspects of production from seed, crop growth and storage. In addition, VCS Potatoes in association with VCS(UK) Ltd undertake independent trials in many aspects of the growth of potatoes, specializing within PCN control.

Mike Shapland, James Foskett Farms

Mike Shapland is a graduate of Newcastle University and has been involved
in farm management for 25 years.

He worked for the Co-operative Group as a farm manager for 13 years at businesses in Yorkshire, Cheshire and Cambridgeshire.

He joined James Foskett Farms, in 2010. The business grows conventional potatoes, onions, cereals, sugar beet and a range of organic vegetables on 1350 hectares along the East Suffolk Coast

Heather Wildman, Saviour Associates

Heather Is a Cumbrian farming girl born and bred now living and working in Scotland for over 20 years.  After completing a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2012 on “communication - how to influence and motivate change” Heather set up and established Saviour Associates Ltd identifying a need for agriculture and other businesses to recognise the value in and to develop and grow their soft skills

Heather is a leadership specialist, a business coach and facilitator. Her areas of expertise include Family succession, behavioural change, authentic leadership, communication, conflict management, staff management and motivation and team building

She works with a wide variety of clients both, individually and across organisations nationally. As a facilitator Heather has a fun but direct style, and she likes getting to the nub of the issue in the most efficient way.  Soft skills with a smile and a sledge hammer!

She will leave you feeling motivated, inspired and energised, and help to build your confidence to grow and make new connections, develop your personal tool kit and commitment to reach your goals of managing yourself, you own farm / business and your team. 

David Eudall, AHDB

David studied economics at university before beginning his career as analyst with HGCA prior to the moving up to Stoneleigh in 2009 with AHDB. David spent 5 years as a trader in the domestic and international grain trade before re-joining AHDB in 2017 to firstly to develop partnerships in the industry and now is Head of Market Specialists. David heads up a team of 7 analysts who focus on domestic and international arable markets across cereals, oilseeds and potatoes.

Day 1 brexit seminar: The Market Specialist team at AHDB have produced analysis on each sector looking at the potential impact of Brexit. In this seminar, David will review the overall industry position and potential Brexit risks and opportunities faced by the potato sector.

Day 2 production seminar: David’s team at AHDB produce all of the key data for the industry including production, stocks and planting. In this seminar, David and his team release the 2019 production estimate and discuss market sectors in detail.

Phil Bicknell, AHDB

Phil joined AHDB in January 2017 to head up a 60 strong team of market and data specialists providing high quality, independent analysis and insight.

The market intelligence team aims to give farmers, growers and food businesses the independent intelligence and insight to inform decisions. For the potatoes sector, that means our regular pricing data, Potato Weekly publication and key industry statistics relating to production, stocks and consumption.

Phil joined from the National Farmers Union, where he was Head of Food and Farming, and formerly the NFU Chief Economist. Growing up on the family livestock farm, Phil is an agricultural economics graduate from the University of Reading and has worked in agri-economic/food roles for the British Potato Council, the USDA and Bidwells

Cedric Porter, World Potato Markets

Cedric Porter is editor of World Potato Markets, a weekly briefing on potato prices, production and trade. He is also Vice Chairman of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and a director of a Norfolk farming business.

Tim Isaac, AHDB

Tim grew up on a small livestock farm but, after studying agricultural business management at Wye College, he embarked on a career as an arable business consultant and agricultural valuer. Over the next twenty years, he became a specialist adviser on the management of arable farms, contracting arrangements and joint ventures. He joined AHDB in 2013 with responsibility for developing the Monitor Farm programme in East Anglia. Building on this success, he was appointed Head of Knowledge Exchange for Cereals & Oilseeds in 2016 and then Head of Arable in 2018.

Tess Howe, AHDB

Tess is Senior Skills Manager at AHDB, the levy board for UK Agriculture and Horticulture – appointed in 2007. She was previously a Technical Officer at the Humane Slaughter Association working internationally on all aspects of animal welfare during transport and at Slaughter. Prior to that, she was with Malton Bacon Factory, having joined as a graduate management trainee. Tess graduated from Newcastle University with a Degree in Agriculture and Animal Science.

With extensive experience, working with all stakeholders in regards to training with the Agriculture and Horticulture sectors, Tess has implemented training strategies in the pig industry and more recently across the six sectors represented by the AHDB. She is actively involved in developing levy payer businesses and their staff, via training, to help them improve and become more resilient to the changing environment we all work in. She champions continuous professional development and is keen to see the provision of this grow across the industry. As a member of the

Senior Leadership group working on the current skills strategy, Tess is working to implement professional recognition across the industry  and to increase its appeal to the new entrants.

Will Gagg, RJ & AE Godfrey

Will looks after approximately 1000acres of potatoes for RJ & AE Godfrey across several sites in Lincolnshire with soil varying from silts, on the Isle of Axholme, to wold land. As well as this he manages combinable’s, vining peas and sugar beet on the Isle of Axholme. The farm mostly grows potatoes for the packing market with Maris Piper being one of their most prevalent varieties. Will studied Agriculture at Bishop Burton in the early 2000’s before working in Spain for Langmeads. After this he was Farm manager at Higgins for seven years before joining the team at RJ & AE Godfrey in 2012. Since then, Will has become ever more besotted with growing potatoes and has taken on management of the potato enterprise across North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, in which time RJ & AE Godfrey’s potato enterprise has been steadily increasing in area.

Will and his agronomy team have managed to find a way since the loss of Linuron but have concerns about the loss of Diquat, especially on the silt land.

Martin Williams, MW Farming

Martin’s grandfather went to Tump Farm in 1929 as a tenant. Over time, tithe type adjoining land was purchased from local owners. A mixed farm on the River Wye it has changed from a dairy with horse and cart milk round, to beef suckler and sheep, to a now a predominantly arable farm. From the base at Tump Farm he runs a contracting business and now operates in a joint venture. Martin now farms a total of 779ha with 675ha of arable cropping. Land farmed ranges from light silts to red clay. Martin is the current AHDB Hereford Monitor Farmer with Russell Price.

Russell Price, Russell Price Farm Services

Russell farms 700ha of arable crops consisting of wheat, oilseed rape, potatoes, herbage grass seed and sublet land for veg production. He offers all arable and grassland contracting services, as well as specialising in crop protection with self-propelled sprayers and agronomy advice. He sells new and second hand farm machinery. In his spare time he likes to keep his hand in, with a small herd of 30 pedigree Hereford cattle. Russell is an active member of the NAAC, is Chairman of the Hereford Branch NFU, is currently in the second year as a joint AHDB Hereford Monitor Farmer with his neighbour Martin Williams. Russell Price Farm Services was awarded 2017 Farmers Weekly Contractor of the Year

Stu Baker, AHDB

Stu has 12 years of domestic and international marketing experience, nine of which has been spent at AHDB.

During this time he has designed and implemented successful multi-channel marketing programmes and campaigns across several sectors within AHDB, including leading the UK strand of the pan-European ‘Many Faces’ campaign which was recognised as best practice for a multi-partner programme by the European Commission, the 2015 Chip Week programme which was voted as the IPRN 2015 Campaign of the Year and the current Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs, recently awarded the IMP Yves Boutonnât trophy at the World Dairy Summit for best in class global marketing campaign.

Extending his experience further into the industry, he also currently sits on a Steering Committee for NDPB Seafish.

Zoe Avison, AHDB

Zoe works in the Retail Insight team at AHDB, tracking consumer demand for meat, dairy and potatoes across retail and foodservice. Her research covers domestic and international trends, providing analysis to help those in the food supply chain understand their end markets

Chris Danks, Knowledge Transfer Manager - KTN

Chris joined the KTN as a Knowledge Transfer Manager in the Agrifood team in 2015 with a focus on the plant and crop sector. Prior to this Chris was CEO of Forsite Diagnostics a spin out company that culminated twelve years research as part of the Plant Health Team at FERA, pioneering the use of field test kits for the detection of plant pathogens. Forsite was a contract research and manufacturing organisation, and the diagnostic platforms utilised enabled Chris to work in all sectors of life science. Since joining KTN he has enjoyed refreshing his knowledge of the current requirements of the Agrifood sector innovation needs and the ever-changing funding landscape. Chris leads on a the KTN Agri-Tech Investment programme, building a community of active Agri-Tech investors and also led on Innovate UK expert missions to Canada, China and Australia.

Vikki Campbell, AHDB

Vikki has been with AHDB since 2016, following a career in several major blue chip companies market intelligence teams. In 2017, she led the team which launched AHDB’s Potato Data Centre to the potato industry. Now working in AHDB’s Arable Market Intelligence team, Vikki and the team provide the industry with key industry statistics, market insight and actionable thought leadership

Sara Maslowski, AHDB

Sara has 20 years’ experience in data analysis, starting out in the media industry before swapping television for tractors in 2008. Since joining AHDB in 2011, Sara has become fully immersed in the world of potatoes as a market specialist. She is responsible for ensuring that levy payers have timely, reliable and evidence based information to inform their decision making with reports such as Potato Weekly. Sara also chairs the Potatoes Market Intelligence Working Group which gives industry stakeholders the opportunity to shape AHDB’s market information outputs to ensure that they are meeting industry needs.

Jimmy Phillips, AHDB

Jimmy has 15 years experience in Marketing and Communications earned in Construction, Energy and Manufacturing sectors. Immediately prior to joining AHDB in 2017, he worked for the British Valve and Actuator Association and the Fire Protection Association.


If you have any questions about this event, please contact us using the details below.

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