AHDB Supply Chain Conference: Adding environmental value to your brand

In previous years, speakers have looked at identifying and accessing markets, and the business of selling and communicating beyond the farmgate. This year, the emphasis is realising and valuing the brand of ‘UK farming plc’ as the industry goes forward post-Brexit with a new UK Agriculture Policy. As BPS reduces and ELMS is introduced, we focus on how farmers and businesses can capitalise on value and added value in the supply chain for  the ‘public good’ they do.

Supply Chain Conference agenda

10:00  Arrival and refreshments

10:20  Principal Welcome, Luke Rake, Kingston Maurward                       

10:25  Chair Welcome, Tim Rycroft, CEO, AHDB                   

10:30  Guy Singh-Watson, Founder Riverford Organics - Sustainability and environmental values - getting value from them

11:00  Duncan Farrington, Managing Director Farrington Oils Ltd - Creating the world’s first carbon and plastic neutral food brand

11:30  Nick Sinfield, Founder Teals - Getting value from local produce and sharing it with the supplier

12:00  Panel discussion

12:20  Lunch

13:25  Chair Welcome Back

13:30  Joseph Keating, Livestock Agriculture Manager Co-op - Corporate farming with green credentials – benefitting supplier, retailer and consumer

14:00  Peter Alvis, Managing Director Alvis Bros - Working towards carbon neutrality for profit, for the consumer, for the planet 

14:30  Panel discussion

15:00  Close