UK producer numbers

Updated 30 April 2021

This information shows changes in the number of dairy producers in GB on a 6-monthly basis according to data from AHDB. In addition, annual producer numbers by GB region are also available along with regional breakdowns for England and Wales from the FSA.


  • AHDB's  survey into producer numbers of major milk buyers in April 21 suggested there are an estimated 8,040 dairy producers in Great Britain. This is down 4.1% on the previous year.

Additional information

In the downloadable dataset, figures are also available by month and region from the Food Standards Agency (FSA). These include buffalo, goat and sheep’s milk producers, as well as cows’ milk.

Any producer selling milk for human consumption must be registered with the FSA – regardless of herd size.

The FSA figures represent the number of processed forms received each month – and this is subject to time lags. As a result, the figures may not be a true reflection of the rate of farmers exiting the industry. The FSA data should therefore be treated with caution.

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