Dairy: your levy at work

Your levy funds a number of areas to help British dairy farmers prosper and grow. Explore our recent work to understand how this supports your business.

Consumer Marketing

We funded three campaigns in the last 12 months, delivering regular activity to shift consumer attitudes, particularly those thinking about reducing dairy consumption.

We Eat Balanced - a £1.5m campaign to promote a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet with results showing:

  • 13% fewer people intended to cut back on dairy
  • 9% more shoppers are reassured about dairy nutrition
  • 3% more people intended to buy dairy
  • 4% more people believed dairy is produced naturally

Milk Your Moments - a £1m dairy industry marketing campaign funded by AHDB, Dairy UK, Defra, Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive to address the fall in milk sales due to the closure of foodservice caused by the coronavirus outbreak. This delivered:

  • £6.6M (11.2 million litres) of incremental sales of fresh milk delivered by the campaign
  • 212,000 people buying liquid milk who would not have purchased it otherwise
  • 15% of the target audience are less likely to switch to dairy alternatives

Department for Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs - Reminded people of their love of dairy focusing on taste, enjoyment and the moments that make life better. Partnered with Dairy UK and ran between 2017 and 2020 to help deliver:

  • 11% more young parents are certain to buy dairy products
  • 8% fall in the number of people cutting their dairy consumption now or in the future along with an 11% reduction in intentions to consume plant-based substitutes.

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Strategic dairy farms

Supports a network of 22 strategic dairy farms who share good practice through on-farm and virtual events, giving you access to industry experts and the latest research. Of the levy payers who attended our strategic farm events:

  • 92% said changes made would have a positive impact on costs, productivity or profitability
  • 60% experienced or anticipated a financial benefit estimated to be £36,000

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Technical programmes and research

Dairy Genetics - investment of over £500,000 every year on genetic and genomics, which includes evaluations of over 1 million live cows each year and delivers:

  • £297 improvement in UK farmers’ herds for every £1 of levy spent
  • £44.5 million estimated industry benefit from genetic improvements in the UK herd in 2020
  • Data used by over 95% of dairy semen sold in GB through our genetic and genomic evaluations for bulls

The Dairy Research Partnership - targets long-term, applied research and development activities working with the University of Nottingham, Harper Adams University, Royal Veterinary College and SRUC. Every pound of levy invested in this partnership returns £9.40 on farm improvements.

Healthy Feet Programme - saves a typical herd £9,325 per year and is delivered by 180 trained Mobility Mentors (vets, consultants and hoof trimmers) who workwith farmers to reduce lameness on farm.

Mastitis Control Plan - over 400 people have been trained to deliver the plan with levy payers

  • Between 2009 and 2016 1,366 control plans were carried out across 1,044 farms covering 219,354 cows
  • Around 31,000 cows benefit from the plan each year, giving an estimated industy benefit of £1.5 million annually

BVDFree - 2,560 dairy holdings in England covering 531,574 breeding cows are members of BVDFree. The scheme helps levy payers protect almost £40 million in savings every year.

Recommended Grass and Clover list - 69% of levy payers said it was a critical source of information in their grass and clover selection process

Market intelligence

We provide farmers with the latest analysis, prices, consumer trends and market outlook to inform business decisions. Marketing campaigns are shaped by our consumer insight and our analysis informed Government during Covid

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Our team provide specialist support and advice to over 30 companies responsible for £1.7 billion of Dairy exports in 2019. This includes our large cheesemaking industry, which accounts for £705 million of total dairy exports.

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Our partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation delivers Food – a fact of life, an online resource and training programme for teachers, and in 2020;

  • 459,609 educators downloaded nearly 1.4 million free resources and recipes from the website to increase children’s understanding of where and how their food is grown, reared and produced.

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