Brexit toolkit

The following resources are available to help you look at the specific business areas needing improvement that you’ve identified from completing the resilience check list. While many of these tools have been tailored for individual sectors, the principles can be applied across all farm enterprises. 

Review Of Farm Business  

Take a look at your business objectives and operations. Do you have a plan, does everyone know what they are working towards? You should also look at how you get the most from your staff and team.

Profit And Performance

Financial management and planning  for your business; from relative cost of feeds and crop storage to full financial projections. 

Brexit Scenario Planning

What possible impacts could Brexit have on your business and importantly how could different business opportunities offer you the opportunity to remain resilient and viable beyond Brexit. 

Individual Farm Performance - Technical Change

Efficiency will be the name of the game; whether that’s getting more from the same or the same from less. Being efficient with your resources (feed, time, machinery ect) will give you optimum output for your chosen system of production.

Getting The Most From The Marketplace

Remaining resilient and competitive will also require you to grow and/or provide produce that the market demands.  As part of this you will need to understand how consumer trends and market changes can influence contracts and therefore what you grow.