Brexit: fit for the future

Fit for the future (FFTF) is about looking at your business as a business, putting together a plan of where you want to go and making informed business decisions.

As part of FFTF, we’re developing tools like our Brexit Impact Calculator and our farm benchmarking software, Farmbench.  Alongside this, we also produce a range of tools and resources that can help you work through business planning issues.

We’re also broadening the scope of our skills programme and running regular on and offline workshops to approach the subject of farming and growing business in as many ways as possible.

Take a look below at our tools, resources and latest reports on the issues we see affecting the agriculture and horticulture industry


Central to getting fit for the future is a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of your business. Having a clear view of your operating costs and how you compare to similar farmers, enterprises and the industry as a whole can help identify areas in need of attention, or opportunities for growth. 

If you're interested in anonymously benchmarking your farm, try our free-to-use benchmarking tool: Farmbench. 


Investigate the potential impact that Brexit (Britain's withdrawal from the European Union) will have on your farming business.

You can enter input and output data for your business, either by ha or by enterprise. If you do not have the data to hand, you may use the default sector averages for your business.

Latest Horizon reports

Skills programme

There is widespread recognition that the industry’s skills needs should be better assessed, understood and delivered and that employers should be encouraged to view labour as a key asset and investment not just a cost. Transforming the industry’s approach to skills and securing a professional image will require concerted effort and collaboration over time - but we think it's a vital to part of creating a truly worldclass industry here at home. 

Consumer insight

Keeping the consumer front-of-mind can bring significant business benefits for farmers and growers. Our consumer insight team work to provide the agriculture and horticulture industries in the know when it comes to the shifting trends and tastes of people at home and abroad. 

Read our latest consumer insight articles below, or visit the consumer insight section for all our features, reports and presentations.