Brexit: A no-deal cereals and oilseeds summary

Brexit: A no-deal cereals and oilseeds summary

As the Brexit clock is ticking, we've collected this information to help you understand the potential impact a no-deal scenario could have on the cereals and oilseeds industry.

No-deal Brexit explained

As the deadline approaches, the prospect of a no-deal Brexit cannot be ignored. A no-deal scenario could have a seismic impact on UK trade in agricultural products and, subsequently, major implications for all of the UK’s agricultural sectors.

To help farmers and policy makers understand the potential disruption throughout the industry, we are publishing relevant information on the evolving situation which focuses on what it means for farmers and growers and how they can prepare. The Brexit prospects for UK cereals and oilseeds trade report provides readers with an understanding of how the industry could be affected once the UK leaves the EU, under both an agreed withdrawal and under a no-deal scenario.

Click the box to the right for the latest information on UK and EU import tariffs for cereals and oilseeds products and below, the rate schedule for all agricultural goods in the event of a no-deal.

UK and EU import tariffs under a no-deal Brexit


Brexit: What now for UK farming?

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