Daily finished auction markets by region

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An overview of daily auction market prices and throughputs for cattle and sheep are available here for all regions across Great Britain.
Provisional reports for today’s sales of finished markets are updated daily at 5.20pm, with English and Welsh regional prices also updated at 8.20pm. The final prices are normally published at 12.20pm the day after sale.

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Additional information

Finished cattle are sold individually and auction markets provide the breed, sex category, date of birth, price, weight and farm assured information for each beast sold liveweight.

Prime cattle are classed as heifers or steers under 30 months and bulls under 24 months of age.

Finished sheep are normally sold in batches and the auction markets provide the age category, price, weight and farm assured information for every lot sold liveweight.

Prime sheep are reported as new season lambs (clean sheep from this year’s crop) or old season lambs (clean sheep from last year’s crop) sometimes referred to as hoggs or hoggets. The Standard Quality Quotation is an industry standard weight band for prime live sheep between 25.5kg and 45.5kg.


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