AHDB Potatoes Integrated Crop Management Treater Group

The crop management treater group is made up of technical experts from across the potato sector. It exists to provide advice on key issues affecting the industry, with findings and conclusions delivered through AHDB Potatoes newsletters, website and events.


The group was constituted in 2001 as the continuation of the BCPC Potato Treater Group, under the auspices of the British Potato Council (BPC). Originally the group had focused its attention mainly on chemical treatment of potato tubers. The addition of the words Crop Protection reflected a change in emphasis to include all aspects of agrochemical usage in potatoes.   The main objective of this group is to develop action plans for “putting the message across”.

Membership is voluntary and members give up freely of their time thereby contributing towards the good of the industry.

Key Aims:

  • To improve standards of crop protection for the sustainable production of potatoes
  • To consult on matters of crop protection through its members representing different sectors of the supply chain and other related industries
  • Provide insight into future evidence based research for the benefit of the potato industry
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer through AHDB Potatoes and industry
  • To discuss, develop and enable guidelines for best practice


The group will usually meet twice a year, or as frequently as necessary, at the discretion of the chairman.

The agenda will include current issues of concern and typically a topic for discussion will be highlighted by inviting one or more guest speakers.

The topics determined for each meeting will be determined as an integration, priorities determined by the group and the priorities of AHDB Potatoes.

The main objective at meetings is to develop action plans for “putting the message across”.


  • Chairman
  • AHDB Potatoes delegate (normally the Head of Knowledge Transfer) Technical secretary (receiving support from AHDB Potatoes)
  • Members representing the following sectors or interest groups by invitation:
  • Growers
  • Seed producers
  • Fresh produce (packers)
  • Processors
  • Agrochemical manufacturers (those with major involvement in potatoes and those with specific products relating to a topic)
  • Distributors and contractors
  • Machinery manufacturers
  • Trade associations and special interest groups (e.g. BPTA, PPA, Assured Produce, NFU)
  • Experts

How does AHDB use the findings from each meeting?

The treater group offer a barometer as to what is happening in the industry and meet twice a year to discuss emerging issues and look at current and new research.

One of the group’s aim is to provide relevant information for the industry based on their discussions and findings. These can take the form of AHDB webpages, publications or presentations at events.

The Group agree to having tier meeting minutes published on the AHDB website.

For more information please contact:

Image of staff member Antonia Walker

Antonia Walker

Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager - Potatoes

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Anne Stone

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Potatoes

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