Agronomy Week 2020 - Potatoes Recap

Agronomy Week took place online between 30 November to 4 December 2020. This series of webinars explored the key issues in contemporary agronomy. Over 700 people attended this event, live in December. In this article you can find details about the subjects covered and links to the webinar recordings. 

"Agronomy Week" - what is it?

Agronomy Week is a two-day conference for agronomists, covering the cereals and oilseeds and potatoes industries. Ordinarily, AHDB hosts the Agronomists’ Conference in December. Due to ongoing restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the decision to cancel major events up until the end of 2020. As a result, this years' conference was entirely online and free to attend. The content of the presentations is based on our latest research projects. Agronomy Week is the source of new, evidence based information that could help you overcome pressing challenges such as desiccation, storage or PCN. 

Featured webinars

1. Late blight: genotypes and resistant varieties 

Varietal resistance to blight could help growers take quick, informed decision about which fields to spray first. Knowing which variety should be protected first could result in reducing yield losses due to blight. Read more or watch the webinar

2. Potential link between Blackleg and Free Living Nematodes

Feedback received from the industry on a potential link between incidence of blackleg and free living nematode (FLN) numbers has led to new research. Read more or watch the webinar

3. Valeria Orlando: Pratylenchus (root lesion nematodes) 

Research by PHD Student, Valeria Orlando, finds that 88 per cent of potato fields tested in England and  94 per cent Scotland have Root lesion nematodes (RLN) populations. Read more or watch the webinar

4. Predicting tuber number from stem numbers 

A new decision-making tool uses artificial intelligence known as Deep Learning alongside drone-taken images of the crops to calculate stem numbers, and map where they occur. Read more or watch the webinar

Full webinars list

  1. How to get the best out of potatoes: markets, agronomy and the industry.* (Watch the recording)
  2. Genetic resources for potatoes - launch of the new Potato Variety Comparison Tool (Watch the recording)
  3. Maleic Hydrazide, increasing uptake (Watch the recording)
  4. Desiccation (Watch the recording)
  5. How to use new technologies and new approaches in potato production.* (Watch the recording)
  6. Preventing, detecting and controlling nematodes (Watch the recording)
  7. Aphids and virus control (Watch the recording)
  8. Late blight: genotypes and resistant varieties (Watch the recording)
  9. How to measure the impact of soil management practices using a soil health scorecard. (Watch the recording)
  10. Agricultural resilience in a warmer world: planning for blight and drought (Watch the recording)
  11. Over winter cover crops ahead of potatoes (Watch the recording)
  12. Drip irrigation with slightly salty water (Watch the recording)