Agri Market Outlook: June 2019

This outlook comes after Britain’s departure from the EU has been delayed. This might mean one of two things; either the clock has been extended, the threat has gone away and normal life continues for now, or the only certainty we have is more uncertainty.

In the meantime, a considerable amount of extra stock has been collectively amassed. The agri-food sector is no different, with headlines talking about stockpiling, full refrigeration and storage facilities. Now, companies need to decide what to do with it all, and that brings its own complexities. Some of that is perishable so rotating stock is an issue. If it is released onto the market, what does that do to the value of what is being held? What is the plan for achieving the right level of stock for later in the year? Those short-term changes in supply and demand can and do have an impact.

Longer term, we know enough to plan ahead, and impartial forecasts are one tool to help us do that. Amid the Brexit uncertainty, we all want clarity.

There are anchors for our sector if we look for them within the policy:

  • UK farming is going to receive less, or rather, no direct support
  • As an industry we’re going to be more reliant on understanding and meeting the needs of the marketplace
  • The agri-business sector is going to be exposed to more global competition.

These were already trends, but Brexit means we get there quicker, and a lot quicker if there’s no deal.

Potatoes market outlook

Potatoes market outlook

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It should be noted that the information in these outlook reports is based on information currently available but still involves risks, variables and uncertainties. Agricultural markets are highly volatile, often unpredictable, and unforeseen factors can have a major impact on production and prices. Consequently, no guarantee is given to the accuracy of the outlooks, but they are simply put forward as our best estimates at the time of publication.

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