Ballot process for AHDB levies

The Statutory Instrument under which AHDB operates allows for levy payers, from 1 April 2012, to request a ballot on the continuance of a levy.

This section of the website enables you to download detailed guidance on what to do if you wish to request a ballot. There is also separate guidance on how to vote, in the event that a ballot is called.

The AHDB collects eight levies. They relate to pigs, cattle, sheep, milk, horticulture, potatoes, cereal and oilseeds.

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Order 2008 requires AHDB to hold a ballot on whether an individual levy should continue if it receives requests to hold a ballot on that levy signed by at least 5% of those entitled to vote in such a ballot, within a period of three consecutive calendar months.

If the 5% threshold is reached for any of the eight levies then AHDB will organise a ballot. The results will be independently verified and communicated to Ministers who will make a decision on the future of that levy; however Ministers are not bound by the results of any ballot.

Note that no threshhold has currently been met, so there are no ballots in operation.

AHDB estimates that in 2016 the 5% thresholds for each levy will be approximately:

Levy 5% Threshold   Levy 5% Threshold
Cattle 2020   Oilseeds 770
Cereal 2310   Pigs 1080
Horticulture 70   Potato 125
Milk 590   Sheep 2230


Guidance on how to request a ballot on whether a levy should continue

Guidance on how to vote in a ballot, if one is called

Further information

Having read the relevant guidance, if you have a question or require any clarification on the ballot process, please write to:

AHDB Ballot Officer, AHDB, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2TL
or email