We Eat Balanced

January 2022

Our consumer marketing campaign We Eat Balanced will be returning on 4 January 2022 with a new TV advert, designed to present the facts and bust the myths around food and farming from the UK. The campaign will be live throughout January and February, and consumers will see it on terrestrial and digital TV, while watching video on demand, on social media and in major supermarkets. A revamped website acts as the ‘hub’ of the campaign, presenting evidence-based facts to the public.

Visit the We Eat Balanced website

Liam Byrne, Marketing Director at AHDB said: “January is a key time of year for our We Eat Balanced campaign to run as there is a greater emphasis on the ‘reduce meat and dairy’ message to consumers from brands, TV shows and the media in general. Through the campaign, we are giving farmers a platform and a voice to present the facts about food and farming from the UK, and sharing across industry to make sure we are all using evidence-based information consistently.” 

Our new TV advert, which has three different versions. (A beef, a lamb and a pork).


Our industry needs you

If you would like to be part of the campaign and help spread the word on social media of how great farming in Britain is, you can join our Farming Ambassador group. We will send you social media posts, along with links to resources and advice and guidance to help you have positive conversations online. 

For more information and to find out how to get involved, please email Farming.Ambassadors@ahdb.org.uk.

September 2021 results

In autumn 2021, We Eat Balanced had an online focus to continue the drumbeat of messaging from the first phase of the campaign in January. Short videos were served to our target audience of ‘waverer’ consumers on social media throughout September and into October. Our videos were seen over 5.5 million times and the We Eat Balanced campaign was successful in shifting consumer attitudes. The campaign was also supported by eight major retailers, with in-store and online activity including on-pack stickers, messaging down the aisles and digital banners.