We Eat Balanced

AHDB’s campaign drives positive rethink of red meat and dairy

AHDB’s ‘We Eat Balanced’ £1.5m campaign achieved its goal of shifting consumer attitudes towards red meat and dairy produced in Britain.

The campaign was aimed at consumers who were considering reducing their meat and dairy intake to remind and reassure them of the positive role red meat and dairy from Britain can play in a balanced diet.

Independent evaluation shows the campaign achieved:

  • 6% pts more consumers in the target audience felt red meat could form part of a healthy, balanced diet
  • 9% pts more consumers also revealed they feel the same about dairy
  • The target audience recorded an 8% pts increase in seeing dairy as produced in both a natural and a sustainable way
  • There is also a 4% pts increase in seeing red meat as providing a range of vitamins and minerals

The campaign, which saw for the first time several of its sectors joining together, was live during January and February and ran across TV, social media, press and retail, and focused on three key messages:

  • Red meat and dairy as a source of Vitamin B12
  • Britain’s world class production standards
  • Red meat and dairy from Britain is amongst the most sustainable in the world.

The advertising was rolled out against a background of continuing strong sales of meat and dairy during January.  Retail volumes for total red meat were up 15.1 per cent in the 4 w/e 24 January 2021 according to Kantar and dairy also showed a strong performance, up 11.8 per cent in volume compared with last January. 

Visit the We Eat Balanced website for more information, and for more details about the results, read our press release here.