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3 September 2021

Find out when you should cull underperforming cows.

31 August 2021

Find out how to provide your cows with the best post calving care that you can.

26 August 2021

When it comes to calving, cleanliness is paramount.

3 September 2021

It is important to minimise calving difficulties and know how to assist when necessary.

3 September 2021

Learn how to make calving as successful as possible.

9 August 2021

Quantifying, benchmarking and rationalising farm medicine use in the beef industry – Novel best practices in communicating with food system stakeholders

9 August 2021

Ovine footrot is an infectious cause of lameness in sheep that has significant economic impact for the UK sheep farming industry

5 August 2021

Controlling cryptosporidiosis in calves

24 May 2021

Join AHDB for a webinar about beef and sheep health and welfare.

22 January 2019

This booklet includes information on our research programme as well as related products and services to to ensure have access to the most up to date advice possible.