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26 October 2021

There are two distinct respiratory syndromes – acute (calf or enzootic) pneumonia or chronic pneumonia.

26 July 2021

FAQs to introduce farmers and other industry stakeholders to the GB Dairy Calf Strategy

11 March 2021

Join AHDB, Red Tractor and NFU for a panel discussion on the new Red Tractor calf standard

9 October 2020

This webinar specifically for vets looks at the practical ways vets can help farmers understand the impact of respiratory disease in their dairy replacement heifers.

9 October 2020

A look at the hidden costs of calf pneumonia and practical changes you can make to help improve the performance of your replacement heifers.

28 September 2020

24 August 2020

Join AHDB for a webinar looking at how the use of technology can aid disease detection and support efficient management of young calves. A recent AHDB funded project, run by SRUC in association with Blade farming, used various types of technology to determine if they could detect disease sooner than the stockman alone.

29 April 2019

This manual looks at how housing can contribute to a calf's future health, growth and performance.

9 August 2018

Successful beef production starts with a bright and healthy calf that has been well looked after from the moment it is born. Following the advice in this manual will help ensure calves enter the next stage of their lives in the best possible condition and continue to grow to their expected targets