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11 August 2020

A small reshuffle at the top sees Westcoast Guarantee take the lead, his ACI of £657 reflecting marginally better udder health than the number two bull, Hoanster Zanzibar (ACI £615),

1 December 2020

Westcoast Guarantee (£ACI 619) remains in number one position in the Autumn Calving Index, which sees more dominance by the Holstein

7 April 2020

Update genetic index of the most profitable sires for autumn calving herds

10 December 2019

Find our which breeds made the top 10 in the latest rankings

17 July 2019

Lameness in dairy cows is set to reduce according to our latest data

1 August 2019

Herd manager, Wil Armitage turned his back on high production in favour of breeding for profit.

2 April 2019

A brand new number one bull in our Spring Calving Index (£SCI) and little change in our Autumn Calving Index (£ACI)