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3 June 2019

The fundamental principles of crop nutrition and how to manage it

30 April 2019

Insight into propagation management for Hardy Nursery Stock (includes case studies)

9 April 2019

Efficient irrigation of container-grown hardy nursery stock (HNS) crops presents specific challenges to growers not found with field-grown crops.

9 April 2019

Easy to use guide to help monitor your crops and identify pests, diseases and disorders

19 September 2018

This factsheet introduces the application of current technology for irrigation scheduling in container-grown hardy nursery stock (HNS) that has largely been developed as part of AHDB Horticulture-funded project HNS 97, as well as describing other methods and equipment also available

23 May 2018

Vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) remains the number one pest of container-grown hardy nursery stock. This factsheet provides information on the biology and damage caused by vine weevil adults and larvae and explains the various strategies that can be adopted to control the pest.

23 May 2018

The Ornamentals Review summarises the research AHDB are funding on behalf of growers of ornamental crops. Features include: Pest, weed and disease control. Growing media and soils. Crop management: Nutrition, lighting, robotics, energy efficiency and production techniques

13 July 2018

This factsheet provides information concerning heuchera rust, its probable life cycle, typical plant symptoms and appropriate cultural and chemical control guidelines based on that known for other rust diseases.