Contents tagged with EU Exit Perspectives

31 December 2020

The UK’s exit from the European Union is now imminent and new rules on trade, business and travel will be coming into effect on 1 January 2021. AHDB’s chief strategy officer, Will Jackson, urges farmers and growers to consider five key areas and take action now to prepare for the changes ahead.

22 December 2020

In this week’s blog, our market intelligence director Phil Bicknell takes a look at the range of challenges we have had to deal with in 2020 and how the industry has weathered the storm in the eyes of our consumers.

18 December 2020

In this week’s blog, our strategic insight team, Tom Forshaw and Sarah Baker, cut through the media hype around the impact of tariffs on food prices, exploring the relationship between commodity prices and what shoppers actually end up paying at the tills

11 December 2020

Senior strategic insight manager, Sarah Baker, shares her thoughts on when or whether diversification is the right approach for farmers looking to mitigate the loss of direct payments.

30 November 2020

Eagerly awaited by England’s farmers, Defra today set out the Government’s plans for the transition from the Common Agricultural Policy.

13 November 2020

In this week’s blog, Vikki Campbell, our senior market specialists manager for arable, highlights the key implications of EU exit for UK cereals markets.

9 November 2020

In the first of our blog series, our policy manager Tania Gesto-Casás, based in Brussels, gives us an insight into the latest state of play in the UK/EU negotiations and a flavour of sentiment on the ground.