Zanita Markham

Environment & Buildings Officer


Zanita joined AHDB in 2018 as Environment and Buildings Knowledge Transfer (KT) Officer and, more recently, moved across to the Pork KT team as a KT manager. She provides technical advice about pig housing and environmental improvements. Zanita has a background in managing field trials for environmental improvements and holds a degree in Environmental Management.

One of Zanita’s main jobs is to manage our ammonia emission trials; she is also Technical Lead on housing and water improvement on farms. She is managing a 3-year trial that will ensure Defra and the Environment Agency use accurate information to assess the environmental impact of pigs’ ammonia emissions. The work will update government targets for ammonia recordings and ensure that producers comply with new Best Available Technique (BAT) conclusions. Part of this work also involves researching and introducing new technologies, such as slurry cooling, into the UK.

Zanita also supervises a Harper Adams University PhD student who is looking into the production benefits of providing piglets with supplementary feed via milk cups.

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