Scott Raffle

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Horticulture (Fruit)


Phone: 01732 876 671

Mobile: 07841 497 132

Scott has worked for AHDB for 11 years having spent three years at HDC and 30 years in the fruit industry in total. Prior to his time at HDV, Scott was a fruit advisor/agronomist for 16 years with ADAS, specialising in soft fruit and apple and pear storage.

His role varies considerably from day to day but mainly concerns the dissemination of results from AHDB-funded research and any other relevant best practice information to fruit growers, as well as finding ways to ensure they adopt the results of our information. His aim is to ensure that the industry is made aware of our research results. Scott uses a variety of platforms to do this such as articles for the press and websites, producing print and digital publications for growers, liaising with fruit agronomists to ensure they are fully briefed, working with our crop protection team to find solutions to continuing agrochemical losses and organising events including podcasts and webinars. Scott is also involved in our research project meetings, the running of demonstration sites (The WET Centre and Plum Demonstration Centre for fruit) and attending non-AHDB events to give talks to growers.

Scott says that he finds writing two-page summaries of 100-page research reports and attending meetings to present our results as the two most rewarding aspects of his wide-ranging role.

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