Pippa Handley

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager – Pork

Email: Pippa.Handley@ahdb.org.uk

Mobile: 07580 704323

Pippa joined AHDB as a knowledge transfer (KT) manager for the Pork team and, more recently, took up the post of Senior Knowledge Exchange (KE) Manager. In this role, she manages the KE managers and KE relationship managers, coordinating efforts to deliver KE activity across the country.

Pippa started her career in corporate livestock research management, working predominantly with cows, pigs, sheep and poultry. She then moved to a university research group, delivering on-farm and laboratory farm trials for the pig and poultry sectors.

Pippa has broad practical and theoretical experience of the pig industry and a particular interest in network development, translating academic research into practical on-farm application and encouraging young people into the agriculture industry.

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