Harry Henderson

Knowledge Exchange Technical Manager - Cereals & Oilseeds

Image of staff member Harry Henderson

Email: Harry.Henderson@ahdb.org.uk

Mobile: 079 6497 4465

Starting out as a tractor, combine and crop sprayer driver and farm mechanic working in Australia, Zimbabwe and the USA, Harry then worked for Rothamsted before coming farm manager at Monsanto Cambridge, now RAGT. From there he took a role with a major machinery manufacturer  involved in technical dealer sales support in combine harvester, crop sprayer and precision technology products working throughout Europe and beyond. In 2013 Harry joined AHDB as a regional manager for the North of England, helping establish Monitor Farms and benchmarking groups and is now a National Knowledge Exchange Manager with a focus on technical knowledge exchange.

For AHDB, Harry is a specialist in practical arable farming, expert in agricultural mechanisation, soil management, crop establishment, crop care, harvesting and crop residue management. Specialist in machinery economics and the practical application of precision farming. He has interests in promoting regenerative agriculture and good grain drying and storage.

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