Hannah Lilburn

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Email: Hannah.Lilburn@ahdb.org.uk

Mobile: 07818 723 857

Hannah joined the KE team in 2019 and covers the north of England, including Cumbria and the North East.

Hannah grew up on a family run, 220 cow pedigree dairy farm in Northern Ireland. At the age of five she was gifted her first calf Aria, and this was when she caught the show bug. She joined Northern Ireland Holstein Young Breeders at the age of seven and competed across the UK and Ireland in national competitions, winning the showmanship class numerous times. She has a small herd of pedigree Ayrshires and has won champion calf at the NI all breeds calf show. She also won stock judging and linear competitions in England.

In 2012, Hannah moved to Chester where she studied Geography and Sports Science. On completion of her degree she realised her heart was still in agriculture.

She took a gap year and went to America to work on a high genetic merit herd in Illinois where she got the chance to work with some incredible cows and experience completely different systems.

On her return, Hannah started a graduate roll with Agri Lloyd as a sales rep. After a year, she decided it was time to broaden her horizons and joined Premier Nutrition as part of the Transition Management Team, working alongside farmers to better their transition by monitoring pre- and post-calving cows and addressing any metabolic issues that they were facing.

When she has chance, Hannah loves getting home to the family dairy farm where they have recently installed four robots.

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